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Our online tracking system is available to everyone during testing, free of charge. After the end of the testing period, our services will completely or partly be liable to a monthly fee. A detailed description of these fees shall be sent to all of our customers, who can then decide whether to further employ our services. will not reveal your personal, tracking or any information collected about you or from you to any third party without your prior consent except to the law enforcement agencies..

User understands and accepts that service does not take any responsibility for any losses or harm that was done during or as a result of using service. service does not guarantee service workability or security, and storage of received information.

User uses service on its own risk. Service is provided "As Is". service does not take any responsibility, also and for customizability for user goal.

User accepts that may change rules and limitations at any time, also without any prior notification.
User agrees not to reproduce, copy, hack, or decompile our website or tracking software.
User takes full responsility for the usage of data stored or received from service according to the laws of the country where they are located.

User takes full responsility for the usage of the SIM card and it’s charges (eg.: monthly fees, gprs data transmission fees, roaming charges, abuses, etc…)

Unlawful Use - Customer agrees not to use the Services or Devices for any unlawful or abusive purpose or in any way that interferes with or the Devices. Customer will comply with all laws while using the Services or Devices and will not transmit any communication that would violate any federal, state, or local law, court, or regulation. Resale of the Services or Devices is prohibited except by authorized Dealers. By using the Services and/or the Devices, Customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of any software license agreements applicable to any software associated with the Services or Devices.

Unauthorized Usage - Customer may not program or alter any of the Devices other than the normal programmable parameters of the Device. If any Device is stolen or Services used fraudulently, Customer must notify immediately. has the right to interrupt Services or restrict service to any Device, without notice to the Customer, if Customer is using the device in a fraudulent or unlawful manner.
Installation - In the event the client elects to install the Devices themselves, Customer becomes responsible for proper installation and operation of the Device.

Account Information - It is Customers responsibility to maintain current and accurate account information on the system and to exercise diligence in protecting Customers logon and passwords.

Data Transmission Fees – All Device operation fees, such as data transmission fees (GPRS data transmit, SIM card fee, subscription fee, etc.) is charged on the User, takes no responsibility for them. A pre-paid SIM card is recommended with disabled roaming to avoid unwanted fees.

In case the device communicates via gprs data connection, but the device and the company’s communication serves cannot connect (meaning you can’t see the device’s location in our online system despite it being switched on and gprs communication enabled), the used data can go up TEN TIMES (10x) of the normal state. If you encounter this, please check your device’s settings and compare them to those found on’ site. In case all settings are found correct and the device still does not work, please switch it off, and report the problem to us.

SIM Card Roaming Charges - Bear in mind that real-live tracking is available abroad if the SIM card roaming is enabled. Roaming cost can be substantial depending on the foreign network operators of which has no control in whatsoever, therefore, the customer must authorise this service and be solely responsible for the TOTAL cost arising from it. UNDER NO CONDITION WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COST AS A RESULT OF THIS SERVICE.

Limitation of Liability – is not responsible for acts or omissions of any other service provider, for information provided through the equipment, for equipment failure or modification, for system failure or modification or for causes beyond the control of is not liable for:

Service outages;
incidental or consequential damages such as lost profits; economic loss or injuries to persons or property arising from the Customer’s use of the Services, the Devices or any other equipment used in connection with the Devices unless caused by the sole and/or gross negligence of;
the installation or repair of the Devices; or for any act associated with the proper exercise by of rights under the privacy and/or unauthorized usage provisions of this Agreement.

User Account and SIM Card Number Confidentiality - As part of the agreement to allow you to access or use the service you may create an Admin Account (Account, User and Password) for which you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any and all of your passwords, user name, and device GPS Tracker Phone Number associated with any such Admin Account.

Information Security - Internet transmissions are never completely private or secure. You understand that any message or information you send to may be read or intercepted by others, unless there is a special notice that a particular message is encrypted (send in code). Sending a message to does not cause to have any special responsibility to you.

High Risk Activities - vehicle tracking system (devices and software) is not fault-tolerant and is not designed or intended for use as on-line control equipment or monitoring of high risk valuables requiring fail-safe performance, such as Gold, Diamond, Cash, or Weapons Tracking, in which the failure of the GPS tracking system could lead to Lose of Lives, Personal Injury or Severe Financial, Physical or Environmental damages or loses ("High Risk Activities") SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OR FITNESS FOR HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES.

Service Coverage and Quality - tracking system works through-out the world. However, rely on the services of Satellites and local GSM network operators to deliver its services which are not under control., therefore, cannot be held responsible if there is poor or no or GSM reception.

Service Confidentiality - will not reveal your personal, tracking or any information collected about you or from you to any third party without your prior consent except to the law enforcement agencies.

Safe Use - Do not operate this product where it is not allowed to be used by local laws. Such as airports, hospitals, etc. Drivers should not operate this product while driving. Most of the trackers are not water resistant. Keep it dry. Use and connect with only original parts and compatible devices respectively.

User License Agreement - I have read and agree to the terms of service, consent to the use of my personal data and confrim that I shall proceed according to the terms.

Personal Information:
Username(last 6 digit imei number):
Password again:
gps phone number :

I have read the terms and conditions of service.

To know your IMEI Number Dial *#06#