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Model No: Invisible App

Model No: Invisible App


  1. Icon is not seen
  2. Calls logs + call duration + time and date + gps position
  3. Sms content+ date +time+ gps position
  4. Get gps position when ever received/missed/dialled calls
  5. Get gps position when ever sent or recieved sms
  6. Application is hidden mode in name of system settings
  7. Even you lost your mobile and sim card chnaged you can track your mobile with gps position and call and sms data


  1. Icon is not seen
  2. Call logs dialed received missed calls
  3. Sent inbox sms
  4. when ever mobile Recive, Dialed, Missed calls it sends gps position to server
  5. Sent & Inbox SMS


  1. Android Phone GPRS Activated  (GPS Support)  from 2.3v to 4.4 jelly bean (some micromax models with 4.0ics not supported)

Triple Bonus Offer:

  1. Free Desktop App
  2. Free android App monitor (when PC is not available)
  3. Free Lifetime Service

what will i get when i purchased:

  1. Quick Setup Document 

Why should a customer purchase from us:

  1. Quick Setup Manual
  2. Free life time tracking service - other providers are charging monthly rentals.
  3. Please check our price is lowest on eBay please compare
  4. Easy installation by seeing video
  5. 24/7 Customer Care Support
  6. Free Desktop App

Premium Hidden App:

  1. Icon is hidden 
  2. we cant see icon in the app menu
  3. we need to login with username and password

  You can see the list of calls incoming,missed,outgoing with call duration with date and time it also records the gps position when ever they make or receive the call.
  You can able to see the sms content with date time and it also record s the gps position when ever you send or recive sms
  GPS Position : Indicates Position on the Map
  Summary : Indicates total summary of the calls and sms
  Info : Indicates you change your password and you can delete the history.
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