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Model No: Free Android Tracking Application

Model No: Free Android Tracking Application


  1. Useful for Personal Tracking, Marketing Executives Tracking
  2. Live real time tracking
  3. Free 8 Geo fence alerts by email
  4. Photo upload to the serverin emergency
  5. Track your marketing excutives for free
  6. Know how many kms travelled since 1year history
  7. Track school children, Students, Marketing Executives , Cars and Buses



  1. Android Phone Minimum 2.1 V to Android Jelly Beans 4.0 v
  2. GPS Enabled
  3. 3G / GPRS / Wife Enabled


Double Bonus Offer

  1. Free Android Monitor App- monitor when pc is unavialable
  2. Free Android Desktop App

Why should customer use our free service:

  1. Quick Setup Manual
  2. Free life time tracking service - other providers are charging monthly rentals.
  3. Easy installation by seeing video
  4. 24/7 Customer Care Support
  5. Free Desktop App
  Installed App
  Main Screen of App
  Settings : Need to Enter Username and Password
  Check Other Info
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